For the following destinations we are looking for independent agents: Geneva, Mallorca, Ibiza, Croatia, London, Monaco, St. Tropez, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, Shanghai

What does a Circle 8 Agent have to bring?

They also think “for the customer”.

They always work solution-oriented and on the direct way to the goal.

They think and understand quickly and implement efficiently.

They understand the customer and act entrepreneurially in their sense.

Your customers are really close to your heart.

They have a lot of life and work experience and this is versatile.

You do not need long training.

You have a remarkable network.

They keep the overview and the nerves, even if it gets tricky.

They work independently and in high quality.

They are self-employed, like to make decisions and still need the exchange and the connection to a team.

You have several years of experience as a management assistant or as a board assistant.

Alternatively, you bring experience in other functional areas that demand organizational capacity, versatility and service orientation.

Advantages for a Circle 8 Licensee:

You do not have to work out a concept for a long time but can start immediately – with a proven business model.

You are your own boss, but you are not alone.

The Circle 8 network is available to you at any time – as a resource donor, guide, professional and trustworthy representation in case of illness or if you would like to go on holiday.

Each Circle 8 Agent benefits from common advertising and acquisitions.

The Circle 8 network achieves higher visibility and attention on the market than a single fighter.

You have a professional marketing and sales support available from day one.

They are accompanied professionally in the start-up phase.

They work under a strong brand with high market acceptance.