Circle 8 is founded by Roger Schaer.DSC09325

Roger Schaer has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the service sector, with national and international companies such as Swissair, Winterthur Insurance, Zurich Financial Services Group, Viseca Card Services S.A., Wuerth Finance International B.V. and another credit card issuer. He was a Key Account Manager in three of these companies, which resulted in him being a Member of the Management.

He visited the Marketing and Business school MBSZ in Zürich as a Marketing planner and Sales coordinator in 2000. He also completed an intensive seminar on the University of St. Gallen and Euroforum for strategic Key Account Management in 2006.

Roger Schaer has a vast network in different Industries which is a key aspect for Circle 8.  His creativity and ability to think outside the box never fail to impress his clients.

Roger Schaer speaks German and English.